Ellie, Alyssa & the Backpack

This is Me

My name is Ellie. I live with my Mum, Dad, five year old sister Lucy and my pet dog, Rock Star (who is nearly 100 if he was human). One of my best friends is Alyssa or Lys as I call her. She and I met when we were in preschool and we’ve been friends since. But we moved houses and I had to go to a new school, so I don’t see Lys at school anymore. I still see Lys on weekends and we message each other.Unlike some other kids, Lys is always kind, listens and understands me. I can ask her things I’m not sure about and she understands what it’s like to move schools. She helps me out and always has good ideas. I’m proud to have a friend like Lys. I could not wish for a better one. I’m also grateful that we became friends in the first place. That seems like a long time ago now. Ellie and I have known each other since we were three. There’s something comforting about

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The Being Brave Backpack

Hi, we’re Ellie and Alyssa. We had a crazy time last year camping at a national park near where we live. You can read about our adventure here, but right now we want to share with you some of the tools that help us be brave! Ellie has a backpack where she keeps special things that mean something to her, or has happy memories about. We each have our own set of tools to remind us of what’s important or that guide us through the day. Here are some of our tools: Item What they mean Shell Breathe Take a deep breath and relax when you’re feeling cross or stressed. Pencil Imagine Always good to have a pencil on hand to capture your creativity. Journal Perspective Sometimes writing it down helps to see things differently. Photo of friends Empathy A friend can support and help you and you can try to understand others. Beaded necklace Awareness and presence Feel the weight against your skin. It will remind you to be aware of what’s around you

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