Being Brave

The Being Brave series are positive, inspirational novels for girls in their pre-teen and early-teenage years. The series comprise two books: Being Brave and Being Brave Too.

Being Brave is a novel and guide about two friends, Ellie and Alyssa, leaning into each other in an Australian adventure about courage and inner strength. Ellie and Alyssa are different in many ways – one chatty, one shy, one adventurous, the other considered, one Australian one with Chinese heritage. Yet they support each other. Ultimately their friendship guides them through obstacles and setbacks as they find their way. The story aims to bring out tools that can help young girls overcome their inner critic to build self-esteem and confidence.

A second adventure in Being Brave Too sees Ellie and Alyssa, together with Ellie’s younger sister, Lucy, in a story of personal courage, friendship and an adventure to save the wildlife. Again with themes on self-esteem and resilience to empower young girls to stand up for themselves.

Along with the books, The Being Brave Girls cards are strength based inspiration cards that are a creative tool that assists young women in overcoming negative self-talk and to instil a sense of hope, motivation and bravery in everyday lives. The cards feature various inspiring characters so girls can “borrow” their strengths and qualities and be what they want and how they feel by asking themselves, what would that character do in their situation.

The Being Brave series and The Being Brave Girls cards are available here.

The Being Brave Girls are inspiring girls to be confident and courageous.

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