Being Brave in the Media

Part of being brave is stepping out of your comfort zone. There were many things about writing a book, putting our fears down on paper and sharing those with you, that we had not done before!

Writing and telling stories were not the hard part. Putting ourselves out there and doing social media, articles and interviews… that made us take a deep breath and in the end, we took it one step at a time and just went with it. And we think it turned out okay.

Here is a selection of the media we have had on Being Brave.

Total Girl

Featured in Total Girl, December 2020, Being Brave Too and The Being Brave Girls Cards, bringing posi vibes to brave girls!

North Shore Living

After a year of hard work, and feedback from family, friends and colleagues, Being Brave was published. A touching story of two best friends embarking on an Australian adventure, which the authors consider as much a guide for young girls as a novel.

Marie Claire

A is fo ACTIVIST. A is for AMAZING. How great to be featured in Marie Claire as empowering the next generation of girls and the call out that it's not just for kids!

Total Girl

How to deal with tough sitches? Well we think with your BFF and your bravest self. We know you can do it coz life is tough so are you!


'Being Brave' authors share 7 things every child should have in their toolkit to call on in times they need their strength.