What do you do?

I’m a maker of illustrations, animated films and stories. I’m remarkably fortunate to be among those who are self-employed and get paid to play with ideas and do what they love. Art and expression, in all their various cinematic and poetic forms, have always been a profound passion of mine. Moving people through the teaching and crafting of my animation, writing and design is the greatest privilege of my work.

What does Being Brave mean to you?

To me, being brave means being honest with yourself and letting that be what leads the choices you make about who you are and who you want be.

Being you

Having a second European culture, I’ve always been fascinated by language, stories and the differences between people. I followed this curiosity to university where I studied Film and mastered Animation. Growing up on Sydney’s eastern beaches, most of my life has centred around a passion for the ocean. So when I’m not swimming, you’ll find me writing or creating films that explore the surrealism and beauty of the often overlooked everyday lives of both people and places.

If you could give advice to your tween self what would that be?

It’s okay to feel deeply and differently to others, the magic is in trying to understand yourself. As long as you keep challenging yourself and doing your best, you’re on the road to being your best.

What would you like to say to all The Being Brave Girls out there?

This life is an exciting and unpredictable journey so enjoy all varieties of the big and small stuff. Keep being kind and approach all things with the love and care they deserve. You’re the only you and that’s your greatest power.