is not a thing to hold. It is a feeling of overflowing fullness, in my mind full of dreams.

This day, I take one final look behind me. To look at the place within which I did not feel full. To wave goodbye to a path paved in scarcity. A life not fully lived, where things and people shrank me.

This day, I choose. Limitless or constrained. Leaning in or walking away. Grateful or resentful.

This day, I look ahead at a new path. One that is not contained. It is full of abundance. Changing. Alive. I choose to walk forward. In this feeling, my thoughts are positive. I am confident with an inner strength I knew not before. In my world of abundance, there is enough for everyone. I am happy for my friends’ successes. I am loved. I am better for it.

This day, I begin. I declutter my space. I open my windows. I am inspired by the people and environment surrounding me. The gentle sun with sprinkles of rain. A thank you note in my inbox. The pretty words I type, with a steaming cup of tea on my desk. A jar of flowers in my kitchen. A message from a friend. The yellow flowers in my tiny garden. A little hand in mine.

This day, I thank you.