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Interview with our Editor

We are so honoured to be interviewed by Karen Comer, our editor for Being Brave, as part of Karen’s blog.

Being first time writers, we were always going to need the guidance of those experienced in their fields. Karen was just the right editor for us.

She believed in our vision and pushed our storytelling to a more coherent and consistent level. We had several rounds of edits: where the structure of the story improved, where better explanations or descriptions were required, then finally a once over to make sure everything fit in together.

With her guidance, we believe our story and characters were given the best chance to shine.

Being Brave to Karen means showing up in an authentic manner every day, taking risks, speaking her truth and daring to dream big.

Karen told us she was a quiet, sensitive kid, and she’s still that way now. It’s taken her a while to understand that those qualities – which she didn’t think were amazing attributes – are now her shining characteristics. And we agree with her!

For us, Karen acted as a great listener and a wonderful support.  

If she could give her tween self some advice it would be – you are enough! Don’t try to change who you are – shine your light as you are.

Read the full interview at Karen’s blog.