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Raising Kind People

Recently we shared in School Days Magazine 5 simple tips to help nurture kindness in children from a young age. Help them understand what kindness is by asking, “What does being kind mean?” Practise small acts of kindness together. Develop empathy. When we notice our child not being kind, gently ask them how it might feel if that happened to them.  Show your children how it’s done. Be kind and gentle to yourself, and in turn this impacts positively on the people around you.  Be sure to check out the whole article at School Days Magazine, an online resource that provides useful and positive information for primary and secondary school education.

Sky News Interview

We were thrilled to be invited to speak on Sky News’ Weekend Edition, with hosts Jaynie Seal and Tim Gilbert, about our journey in writing Being Brave. We shared with Jaynie and Tim how the story in Being Brave seeks to normalise self doubt and the inner critic that we all face when we are a child and also a grown up. The book provides a toolkit that can be a takeaway for the reader to help them be brave and confident.  Some of the tools we like are the shell to remind us to breathe, the compass to help show us the right way, a notebook for journalling for perspective and spending time with family to get offline. Watch the whole interview at the link below. Interview on Sky News

How to Tell a Real Friend from a Fake Snake

Often, when we think of a bully, we think about that big brute who pushes people around in the playground or that internet troll who spouts nastiness on social media. But the truth is, sometimes this kind of behaviour can be so subtle that you don’t see it happening before your very eyes. Thanks Girlfriend Magazine for sharing our tips on how to show a real friend from a fake friend. True friends are those who: help each other write each other encouraging messages show kindness see you believe what you say sit with you and stand by you Real the whole article here.

Encouraging Your Child to Be Brave

The last thing a parent wants is to witness their child worrying, stressing-out or experience being bullied. And with statistics indicating that one in four Australian students aged between eight and 14 years report being bullied every few weeks or more, strategies on how to be brave are paramount.  We shared with Kids on the Coast strategies on helping children be brave. Read the full interview here.

Boosting Self Esteem

Let’s face it, self doubt is a normal part of growing up and that little voice is inside all of us and always will be. We shared with MSN five simple strategies to help build self esteem in children so that voice inside doesn’t hold them back: Breathing Relationships Abilities Values Experiences Being B-R-A-V-E is not about being the hero. It’s about being confident to be yourself. Read the entire article here.

Recommended Books for Raising Teenagers

Now to Love featured Being Brave in its list of practical books for raising teenage daughters. We are so pleased to be featured. When we wrote the book Being Brave, we wanted to share the tools that helped us through moments of self doubt and inner criticism when we were young. We also feel that in today’s society given the increased challenges young girls are facing with social media, more than ever this book can be a crucial part of their toolkit! Full article is available here.

5 Ways to Help Your Child Be Brave

The Bub Hub recently shared an article we contributed on how we started writing together and what being brave means to us. We discuss 5 ways to help children be brave, which we hope can help families figure out what it means for them to access their courage and build resilience.  We are all braver than we think. Being brave is not about being the hero, it is about having the confidence to speak up and being yourself.  See the full article here.   Thank you to The Bub Hub for featuring the article!